Why Join an AusLottoGroup Lotto Syndicate?

Every week, on average, the Australian Government supervised Lotto pays 10 winners a huge AU$1.3 million EACH, tax free, with another massive AU$29.3 million paid to those not quite so lucky. A single Jackpot in one of the 5 weekly draws has been as high as AU$112 million.

Welcome to the AusLottoGroup website that gives anyone in the world the best chance to be one of those winners for the cost of a bottle of water.

This is THE unique membership, created by members, which gives you the best chance to win a life changing amount of cash. The administrative system is based on an advertising platform that satisfies all regulatory, lotto and banking authority guidelines.

The original ALGMO 2011 website was upgraded to this AusLottoGroup website in 2015. We offer a variety of managed Lotto syndicates for people wanting to play Monday Lotto ®, OzLotto ®, Wednesday Lotto ®, Powerball ® and TattsLotto ®. We cover the needs of individuals who want to join forces with other people to share the costs of playing the more expensive Pick and PowerHit entries. These entries give significantly better odds of a win and win a lot more than a standard, quickpick or system game (see Odds Calculator).

This is a massive claim, you might say, but as an example – if you bought a system 10 game on Saturday for $149.20, and had 4 of your numbers matched, the system 10 game would win around $465 (based on averages). If you bought a single Pick5 game on Saturday for $28.40 and you had those same 4 numbers matched by the draw, the Pick5 entry would win around $3,326 (based on those same averages). Having a share of a system game does not pay you much when you win when compared with having a share of a Pick entry which pays a lot more when your numbers are matched by the draw (see Odds Calculator).

Standard, quickpick and system games require 6 numbers to be matched to win 1st division on the Saturday draws. A single Pick5 entry only needs 5 numbers to be matched to win first division. A pick 5 entry needs one less number than a standard, quickpick or system game to win a divisional prize. It greatly improves your chances to win! You win more and more often! (see Odds Calculator)

Lotto outlets promote the purchase of multiple games through either systems or multiple standard games because they receive commission on every game they sell. All system games do is generate multiple games using the numbers identified on the game coupon. Lotto outlets are not going to promote minimum purchases! Lotto outlets cannot offer syndicates having the same numbers for multiple years.

Many people play lotto for many years by spending in excess of $8 - $25 per draw directly with the lotto outlets. That is a lot of money over the years with little or no return.

Smart Lotto players identified that:

GIVEN THAT Lotto provides an opportunity to win a life changing amount of cash,


  • The massive odds (greater than 1 in 8 million chance) are against you to win playing standard, quickpick or system games (see Odds Calculator), AND
  • We do not know when a certain sequence of numbers is going to come up, AND
  • Buying multiple games DO NOT improve the odds of winning (see odds calculator), AND
  • It is important to make it affordable and therefore sustainable while we are waiting for our numbers to be drawn.


  • Improve the odds by having entries that require one less number to be matched (see Odds Calculator)
  • Play same numbers common to each draw
  • Have only ONE entry per draw
  • Minimise the amount per draw to less than $5

In 2011, smart Lotto players supported the development of the unique, copyrighted ALGMO administrative system that would allow them to have a cost effective, sustainable and better than average chance at winning. Since April 2011, the ALGMO administrative system allows multiple Pick and PowerHit entries to be purchased from Lotto outlets and the wins from those entries to be fully distributed to members of the AusLottoGroup. The system pays all winnings of a particular syndicate to those members allocated to that syndicate.

A single share of a AusLottoGroup Syndicates GUARANTEES members to be paid MORE for a given number match than if they purchased their own $5 worth of games from one of the 4000 outlets or online with the Tatts Group (see Odds Calculator).

Together with unique reporting and an awesome referral program, the AusLottoGroup ticks all the boxes for the only sustainable, affordable, internationally accessible, legal, weekly, best odds and same number lotto membership.

Playing lotto as a member of a syndicate can be difficult when you don't have a large group of colleagues or friends who share your interests in playing Lotto.

When you become a member of AusLottoGroup you can request to be allocated to one of our proven syndicates or you can create your own syndicate with your own numbers and draws by selecting the independent option. Member services include full syndicate results reporting with analysis and commentary as well as a generous referral program and access to closed membership advertising.

To prove that the above statements are based on substance and are correct, the up to date performance of the AusLottoGroup membership, since April 2011, can be seen on the AusLottoGroup Performance page (click on the "Results" menu option above and select "AusLottoGroup").

The AusLottoGroup membership challenges anyone, purchasing their own standard, quickpick or system games or anyone offering syndicate shares, to show a better consistent performance.


About AusLottoGroup

This AusLottoGroup membership is about giving you the best chance of winning Lotto and minimising your cost while you wait for the big one.

By playing Pick and PowerHit entries through the AusLottoGroup membership we guarantee you win more and more often than buying your own games!

On top of that - we are sure you would like to win Lotto without it costing you anything!!!! Members you refer can be paying for your membership every month!

Refer lotto players to this website and ask them to enter your email address as the referee. We pay you $5 a month for every one of your referred members instead of paying some advertising company. It doesn’t take many referrals to pay for your membership! How easy is that?

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