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The AusLottoGroup Referral Program is a 2014 initiative by members to directly reduce their monthly membership cost with the understanding that members who have been referred base their decision to join on its reputation of saying what is correct and doing what it claims. Members felt that the best recommendation is an existing member who experiences the benefits of the AusLottoGroup membership.

Members developed the following guidelines which are now policy of the AusLottoGroup membership:

  1. The referral program is a personal recognition for directly increasing the membership.
  2. The referral payment of $5.00 is made by the membership in lieu of paying for radio, print or TV advertising.
  3. The AusLottoGroup Referral Program is not a multi-level payment, it directly rewards the member who is responsible for a specific referral.
  4. Active referrals are any members at the end of any given month who were introduced years, months or days earlier by a referring member.
  5. Members commence being paid for a referral immediately, and this continues for as long as the referred member remains a member. The referring member's membership is reduced by $5.00 per month for each active referral and any active referrals in excess of the membership is paid out at the rate of $5.00 per month per referral.
  6. A membership can be left to a member’s heirs so they can carry on with their set of numbers with the understanding that the numbers will come up sometime!
  7. A member plays for ‘free’ when a member has referred enough members to the AusLottoGroup web site to pay for their monthly game costs, eg 5 referrals for Bronze, 9 for Silver, 13 for Gold and 18 for Platinum. A ‘free’ membership can be left to member’s heirs!

This means that a Gold member who has 100 active referrals at the end of the month pays nothing for membership, but still receives the best three chances each week to win a life changing amount of cash PLUS receiving referral payments of $435 for that month.

AusLottoGroup members, in contrast to people buying their own games, can therefore realise a positive return while waiting for their numbers to come up.

What this means for an AusLottoGroup member is that they can easily direct their contacts to the AusLottoGroup web site. When they join they enter the member’s email address as the referrer. It is that easy!

You could also use the Referral Program as a fundraising strategy to raise revenue for a project you want to fund, pay for airfares and accommodation for your next conference/holiday or just subsidise your normal costs you are currently covering to support local community businesses, services, clubs or events.

The Referral Program is the very best way to wait for your numbers to come up!


About AusLottoGroup

This AusLottoGroup membership is about giving you the best chance of winning Lotto and minimising your cost while you wait for the big one.

By playing Pick and PowerHit entries through the AusLottoGroup membership we guarantee you win more and more often than buying your own games!

On top of that - we are sure you would like to win Lotto without it costing you anything!!!! Members you refer can be paying for your membership every month!

Refer lotto players to this website and ask them to enter your email address as the referee. We pay you $5 a month for every one of your referred members instead of paying some advertising company. It doesn’t take many referrals to pay for your membership! How easy is that?

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