Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about AusLottoGroup and the services we provide. If you have any questions which are not covered below, then please feel free to ask a question via our Contact page.

Does the AusLottoGroup promote responsible gambling?

Since the AusLottoGroup membership is the most cost effective way to participate in Lotto, the situation where a member spends ‘too much’ on Lotto is greatly minimised. However where members choose to participate in multiple syndicates, there may be a situation where a member spends more than they can afford.

Since Lotto is classified as a form of gambling, the management of the AusLottoGroup membership promotes responsible gambling and hence offers the following advice to all members:

  • Playing lotto should always be fun.
  • The AusLottogroup membership encourages you to set yourself a gambling limit according to your personal circumstances.
  • If playing lotteries stops being fun you should seek help.
  • If you think you or someone you know, may have a gambling problem and need counselling:


How should I judge success with playing Lotto?

Millions of people in every lotto draw do not win. Many of these 'losers' do not try and understand lotto, only play occasionally and join the ranks of the 'unlucky agains'. Some people have a moderate win and tell everybody about it while ploughing the win back into standard, quickpick or system games trying to duplicate it - without luck. The winners of division 1 just know they are lucky!

What about those people who have thought about how to improve their chances – those smart lotto players?

Smart Lotto players know it is all about having an affordable and hence sustainable way of improving their odds of winning.

Smart lotto players know it is a game of luck but they know that luck can be improved by having Pick and PowerHit entries.

Smart lotto players keep an eye on how much it is costing them to maintain that chance of winning a life changing amount of cash. They know it is going to cost them between $8 and $100 per draw to buy their own games from a retail outlet or on line and they know that that is definitely not sustainable!

AusLottoGroup provides each member with their own cost per draw figure on their account page from the time of joining the membership.

This is how you should judge success with playing Lotto - by monitoring your cost per draw. AusLottoGroup members do it!


How can I trust the AusLottoGroup membership?

  • AusLottoGroup owns the copyrighted ALGMO Administrative System which was assessed by the Gaming Commission of Victoria (As the regulator of all gaming in its jurisdiction) which found there wasn’t anything reportable or of a unacceptable nature.
  • The CBA, VISA, Master Card, AMEX and Diners have provided an International Merchant Facility not requiring the CVV No.
  • All payments are in arrears, so there is no advance payment where there is a risk of no supply.
  • Membership payments for a particular month, at the end of that month, are reduced by lotto win credits achieved during the month. This means that a member’s account is cleared after each month and therefore there is normally no account credits, instead, the member’s debt to the membership increases during the month with each draw until it is cleared at the end of the month.
  • In the event of credits being greater than the particular membership, the maximum credit that is held for that membership is $500 to limit liability. Any amount owed to a member is secured in the form of liquid account credit. Members receive same day payment of monies when requested. Major prizes are identified in automated reporting to each member, the syndicate agreement states that all wins are paid and is fully enforceable because of the personal identification of Grenville being the member’s advocate.
  • Independent reports have been published regarding the ALGMO administrative system which can be accessed on the internet.
  • The AusLottoGroup membership does not have creditors and provides services which are paid for in arrears. The only debtors are members whose credit cards have insufficient funds or some other restriction and cause less than one month's membership shortfall. Memberships are suspended if the previous month's membership remains unpaid. Memberships are cancelled if a membership has been un-financial for two months. The ALGMO administrative system has one supplier, where lotto games are purchased in advance through a licensed lotto terminal. Because all payments are in arrears, if a member cancels their membership they owe money for past week/s of membership. The AusLottoGroup membership has no financial risk and no legal exposure.
  • All hardware, software and web site development and service is carried out in-house without any exterior suppliers.
  • No physical address of the member is required so there is no risk to the member’s privacy.


Why do I have to state that I am 18 years of age or more?

  • Because the ALGMO Administrative System distributes winnings from Lotto it must ensure that all members are of a legal age to benefit from a Lotto win.
  • Since 2015, Lotterywest which is run by the Western Australia Government, started allowing children 16 years of age to purchase lotto coupons, however the AusLottoGroup membership has decided to limit membership to 18 years and older due to social responsibility.
  • The age box is to be checked by you to ensure us that you are a responsible age.


Why the different names? Australian Lotto Group, Aus Lotto Group, ALGMO, ALG Admin?

  • Because it is illegal for a non-person such as a company, corporation or legal entity to purchase or own a lotto coupon in Australia, it is required that an individual MUST act as a syndicator and be responsible for distribution of winnings.
  • The Australian Lotto Group for members Only (ALGMO) administrative system was developed to manage weekly multiple draw, same number syndicates and identified the position of Member’s Advocate as filling the role of syndicator.
  • Grenville Silvester, trading as ‘Australian Lotto Group’, B2326683M, and owning the Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) merchant facility account named ‘Australian Lotto Group’ created the ALGMO Administrative System.
  • Since 2011, members have increasingly referred to and adopted the name of the membership as the AusLottoGroup.
  • Since AusLottoGroup has become synonymous with the membership it has been adopted as the memberships logo.


Why is Grenville the 'Members Advocate'?

  • Because of the web of legislation, rules and regulator interpretation in Australia, it is required that an individual of good character and integrity, provides and is responsible for any service which involves payments relating to gaming or chance.


Who is Grenville Silvester?

  • Grenville Silvester as the members advocate can be googled and all details of qualifications, association, ownership and interest can be checked online.
  • Grenvilles middle name is Henty and he is the Great, Great, Grandson of Francis Henty who was one of the Henty Brothers who first settled Victoria at Portland in 1834. 
  • He was bought up on the Henty farming property in the Western District of Victoria.
  • He has the Australian National medal for Service in the Australian Army, Ambulance and CFA. 
  • He has Federal Police and State Police clearance with the security clearance to master a vessel into any port facility. 
  • He has extensive Australasian administration and senior management experience with medium and large companies.
  • During his ‘employed’ working life he consulted to Governments and to major corporations and was invited onto many decision making committees on matters regarding standards, organisational change, general HR and quality assurance.
  • Born in 1952, Grenville now lives with his partner Bev.
  • Grenville’s life pillars are Love and Trust, We, Us and Ours.
  • Grenville sees his role of Members Advocate as serving members of AusLottoGroup in the best interest of all and every member.


Are the numbers allocated to each AusLottoGroup syndicate lucky?

There are plenty of scams claiming they have the numbers that are all going to be drawn and win you 1st division. There are people who claim they have won 1st division multiple times. There are people who claim they can give you your lucky numbers based on the stars, planets or _ _u_anus. Be a smart lotto player and treat these with the contempt they deserve.

Lotto is NOT about what numbers are drawn – it IS about a number of certain numbers being drawn!

To explain this, let’s look at the past 4,400 draws of OzLotto (since 1994) PLUS PowerBall (since 1996) and PLUS Tattslotto (since 1972), and, these seven numbers: 26, 13, 7, 36, 21, 2, 42.

  • Two of these numbers have been drawn together 633 times out of the 4,400 draws.
  • Three of these numbers have been drawn together only 120 times out of the 4,400 draws.
  • Four of these numbers have been drawn together a minuscule 8 times out of the 4,400 draws
  • Five of these numbers have been drawn together only once on a Tuesday night out of the 4,400 draws - and still not a division one win!
  • There has not been 6 of these numbers ever drawn together!

Australian Lotto is mechanically drawn and therefore cannot be biased by software like many overseas or online draws or like pokies. Each mechanical draw is supervised by Government and Tatts Group officials. If a trend started to appear because of some mechanical factor eg. different weighted balls, malfunctioning ball-drop-down device or malfunctioning selection arm then the officials would be right on top of it.

The Lotto draws in Australia ARE televised, random, non-biased, government supervised, mechanical draws. There is no way of predicting numbers from past draws, how you feel on the day or when your family were born!

There always has to be a winner so there are some winners who will swear black and blue that they have a system. Authorities always like hearing from people who say they win first division multiple times because they know that because of the odds those people are usually covering up the fact that they are getting tax free income from somewhere else, often crime.

When the numbers were and are allocated to AusLottoGroup syndicates, the Member’s Advocate ensures that available numbers for the draw are evenly distributes across the syndicates without any bias. This ensures that every syndicate has equal chance of winning. Any group of numbers that have been drawn since 1972 and won first division have been precluded from the AusLottoGroup syndicates because the probability of those numbers coming up again are minuscule even though each number has the same odds. There has never been a set of numbers that have come up twice in Australia.

Since 2011, an average of over 40% of AusLottoGroup syndicates have been winning every week and returning better than 31% of cost, and, up until October 2015 the syndicates have been 11 times 1 off winning a first division prize. That is exciting!

In comparison, the Australian lotto pamphlets distributed by Tatts Group and monitored by Governments claim that someone buying their own games have a 1 in 50+ chance of winning anything.

Since 2011, the AusLottoGroup syndicate’s graphed winnings have created a normal distribution curve which provides for the following mathematically based statement:

"Each AusLottoGroup syndicate has equal chance of winning and that there is no bias because of number allocation!"

This above statement cannot be claimed by Lotto Retail outlets, the Tatts computer that allocates quickpicks, or, someone who selects their numbers for multiple games.

The AusLottoGroup membership does not claim to have THE numbers, what we do claim is that you have the best chance since you only need one less number to be matched and that there is no bias in the draw Therefore we do say that:

"The AusLottoGroup syndicates have the best chance to be lucky!"

To prove that the above statements are based on substance and are correct, the up to date performance of the AusLottoGroup membership, since April 2011, can be seen on the AusLottoGroup Performance page (click on the "Results" menu item above and select "AusLottoGroup").

The AusLottoGroup membership challenges anyone, purchasing their own standard, quickpick or system games or anyone offering syndicate shares, to show a better consistent performance.


What are the benefits compared with purchasing games from a 'normal' outlet?

  • A 'normal' outlet is one of the 4,000 commissioned agents, both as retail shops and online, that have been set up by the Tatts Group and State Governments. These agents charge the purchaser between 9 & 10% on all coupon sales.
  • Normal outlets promote the purchase of multiple games.
  • Normal outlets do not offer syndicates consisting of same number, multiple draw, Pick and PowerHit entries with reporting.
  • Normal outlets require payment in advance whereas AusLottoGroup is all in arrears on a monthly basis.
  • AusLottoGroup members can advertise things they want or things they want to sell to other members.
  • AusLottoGroup members are provided a full statement of membership and can access all past reports and results.
  • The ALGMO Administrative System does everything for the member from purchasing entries to paying winnings.
  • The Members advocate is a phone call, SMS or email away.
  • An AusLottoGroup membership provides the member much better payouts and larger payouts than if they bought their own standard, quick pick or system games from a normal outlet.


Are my credit card details safe?

  • An in-house developed encryption program is applied to all data that is initially encrypted by an owned 3rd party developed encryption program.
  • Because the ALGMO Administrative System doesn’t require Credit or Debit card CVV Nos, even if a hacker did get through the double encryption wall of the servers, they would not be able to gain sufficient information to cause a problem with member’s accounts.


Why is there only a mobile phone?

  • A 1300 number diverts to an untraceable phone number
  • A 1300 number provides profile of calls to third parties
  • A mobile phone number is linked to an individual
  • Members SMS or email requesting a return phone call so as to save phone call costs.
  • The phone number 0448 828 254 is registered to Grenville and is accessible 24/7.
  • The phone number 0448 828 254 has an unlimited plan with Vodafone.


Is this multilevel marketing?

  • NO it is NOT!
  • The AusLottoGroup Referral program is not a multi-level payment, it just rewards the member who is responsible for the referral.
  • AusLottoGroup members are provided a tangible product in advance of payment.
  • The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, as the merchant facility provider and one of the Australian 4 Big Banks, would not provide a merchant facility to a Multilevel or illegal Ponzi scheme!


Do I have to get referrals?

  • NO you do not!
  • The referral program is just for members who want to be rewarded for referring others to the AusLottoGroup web site.
  • Members understand that Bronze, Silver and Gold membership is based on $5 per Lotto draw while Platinum membership is based on $4 per draw with the additional Monday and Wednesday entries. With all the other benefits representing fantastic value, members are happy to pay the membership which is only reduced by lotto wins.


I only have one set of numbers – how does that improve my odds of winning?

  • The one set of numbers generate multiple games. The following table identifies how Australian Lotto allows the AusLottoGroup to purchase Pick and PowerHit entries to greatly improve chances to win Lotto.

    Pick5, Pick6 and PowerHit20 entries greatly improve the chances to win

  • The Lotto Odds Calculator (also refer to the button under the menu) demonstrates how the odds are calculated, what improvement in the odds of winning is experienced with Pick and PowerHit entries and the greatly improved payouts AusLottoGroup members receive when compared with buying their own games.


Why does it cost $1 less for a draw as a Platinum member?

  • It was agreed by members that the premium platinum membership which was made available in 2015 with the launch of this new website, should attract a concession because of the number of draws those members partake in.
  • The individual Pick and PowerHit entries and the services offered to Platinum members are in every way equivalent to those of the other memberships. It is just that they are participating in the five Australian lotto draws.
  • It is because of the success of AusLottoGroup since 2011 that a $1 discount per draw can be offered to Platinum members so as to minimise their cost.
  • Platinum members recognise the great value of their premium membership!


How am I guaranteed to be paid when my syndicate wins the first division?

  • Immediately after each draw, the automated ALGMO administration system notifies all AusLottoGroup members regarding the number of matched numbers and how much is won by each syndicate.
  • The licenced Tatts outlet, where games are bought from, holds the Tatts card for the AusLottoGroup membership. The outlet checks that all division 1 prizes are distributed to the members of the winning syndicate.
  • The Syndicate agreement between the Members Advocate and each member provides members a legal assurance that payments are made.
  • The Tatts Group which manages payments for the Australian Lotto delays the payment of a 1st or 2nd division win by a period of up to 3 weeks.
  • The ALGMO Administrative System pays an AusLottoGroup member whose syndicate wins a 1st or 2nd division as soon as the funds are released by the Tatts Group.


How do I get paid when my syndicate wins first division?

  • We contact you immediately the draw is verified by the Tatts group by phone, SMS and/or email.
  • We request that you consider how you want payment made from the following options:
    1. Bank transfer into the account you nominate through your personal AusLottoGroup member account.
    2. Cash delivered to your door
    3. Cheque
  • As soon as the funds are released by The Tatts Group we carry out your directions.


How can AusLottoGroup be guaranteed to be sustainable?

  • The Australian Lotto Group has a AusLottoGroup membership base which ensures that it will enjoy revenue for the foreseeable future.
  • The cancellation of membership averages less than 5% with an exciting continuing growth rate much greater.
  • The membership has been operating since April 2011 without any liabilities.
  • The ALGMO Administrative System utilises Lotto coupons purchased from a licensed Lotto terminal and therefore it contributes to lotto sales for the Tatts Group and Governments.
  • The AusLottoGroup membership is not in competition with any lotto outlets and recognises their right to promote lotto sales that benefit their retail business.


How do I know that the games are being purchased through a Tatts Group terminal at a licensed outlet?

  • The purchase order for the entries is automated with the Outlet by the ALGMO administrative System and the outlet confirms the purchase by way of a facsimile of the entry coupons.
  • Any Member can contact the Members Advocate and request a copy of the coupon purchased for the syndicate they are assigned to.
  • The Policy of the AusLottoGroup membership is to not make the numbers of the syndicates public so that non-members, or members from another syndicate, cannot duplicate the numbers and therefore reduce a 1st division prize.
  • Only those members who have been assigned to a particular syndicate have the knowledge of the numbers that the syndicate is playing. These numbers are shown in the member's personal AusLottoGroup account.
  • It would be foolish of the Member's Advocate to not ensure the entries are purchased for the upcoming month in the event that the numbers of one or more of the syndicates come up.
  • It would be foolish for the Licenced Lotto Outlet to not sell the Pick and PowerHit games for the AusLottoGroup membership since they would miss out on sales.
  • The ALGMO administrative system throws up alarms in the event that the entries are not purchased well before the draw happens.


Why do I pay an establishment fee to join the AusLottoGroup membership?

  • Members pay this once only when they join and there are no annual or discharge fees.
  • The following costs are covered by the $5.00 Membership Establishment Fee:
    1. The system requires the secure input of your details to be stored on the AusLottoGroup server and checked for authenticity and probity.
    2. Usernames and passwords are generated and checked for each new member.
    3. Computer and personal time is spent with every new member sign up.


When and how do I pay for my ongoing membership?

  • You have the choice of a number of different types of AusLottoGroup syndicates. Your choice of syndicate options will affect your Membership Cost. This Membership Cost is the MAXIMUM you will pay.
  • Your wins and referral credits (see FAQ about Referrals) are subtracted from the Membership Cost to make it simpler for you. The end result is called the Participation Cost.
  • For Bronze, Silver and Gold syndicates, the Participation Cost for each syndicate is $5 PER share PER draw LESS any wins LESS any referral credits.
  • For Platinum syndicates, the Participation Cost for each syndicate is $4 PER share PER draw for Monday Lotto, OzLotto, Wednesday Lotto, PowerBall and Tattslotto LESS any wins and LESS any referral credits.
  • Therefore Monthly Participation Cost varies due to syndicate type, wins and referral credits.
  • To provide payment simplicity for you and other members, the following procedure is followed by the ALGMO Administrative System.
  • An Account Statement is available for each member to access through their personal AusLottoGroup online Member Account.
  • The Membership Cost and wins for each draw is identified. The following example is a summary for ease of description.
  • The number of referral credits is calculated at the end of each month.
  • The balances are calculated and identified on the 1st of each month.
  • A negative balance is cleared by accessing your nominated account on the 1st of the month.
  • A positive balance is paid into your nominated account if it is greater than $500. You may request amounts which are less than $500 be paid into your nominated account using the 'Request Payout' option available in your online member account.
  • The following example identifies a Gold Member winning $24.82 during the month and having referred 4 existing members sometime in the past. This member has paid $25.18 for the month of January to have 13 of the best chances to win a life changing amount of cash. That is less than $2 per draw! You would have to admit – that is fantastic value when compared with buying your own games at a retail outlet!

AusLottoGroup Lotto Syndicate members get full transaction reporting


What is my obligation to maintain my membership?

  • Members can join and cancel their membership at any time.
  • Each payment by a member evokes an obligation onto the ALGMO Administrative System to maintain the personal AusLottoGroup online Member Account, ensure the syndicate that the member is allocated to has active draw coupons and allocate any wins from those coupons to the member's account.


Can I join from another country?

  • Yes you can!
  • We accept MasterCard, Visa AMEX and Diners cards.
  • We also accept cards from Discover Financial Services which is the third largest payment network in the world – Discover card from the US; BC Global Card from Korea; DinaCard from Serbia and RuPay from India.
  • All payments are in Australian dollars.
  • Major wins are paid via an international bank transfer.


I just want to play lotto – why does the membership have advertising?

  • Because the membership has to cover the costs to deliver this service to smart lotto players, it must be able to demonstrate to the regulators, authorities and other interested parties that these costs are not added onto the cost of a lotto coupon.
  • If people could profit from buying a lotto coupon, by selling it for more than they paid for it, you can imagine what problems that would cause to the integrity of the governments prized Lotto industry.
  • By having the ability for members to advertise and providing unique reporting, help desk and referral programs, allows the membership to exist in the eyes of the authorities and suppliers.
  • Members do not have to advertise on the AusLottoGroup web site but all new members are encouraged to read the following two questions.



  • The following are statements from members of closed advertising forums:
    • Closed membership advertising is a very special way to become aware of goods and services not usually advertised.
    • It provides an opportunity to advertise items or services that you would normally not be able to.
    • If you have anything interesting to sell PLEASE let the other members know immediately!
    • Letting other people know is an important way to reach your goals. By advertising to other members, they can help you achieve your goals.
    • If you want to make a career move, you think you deserve a chance, advertise it, there may be a member who can assist.
    • The thing we like most about advertising is that it attracts a response. If the advertising is cost prohibitive or we cannot control who sees it, we tend not to advertise.
    • Become engaged in advertising. Advertising is key to success, no one can benefit without it!


What makes the AusLottoGroup advertising option different?

  • It creates a real opportunity for members.
  • It allows members to participate in lotto in a cost effective and much better way.
  • Since members share the one interest of Lotto and are referred to the membership in the main, this provides a sense of unity to members.
  • Each member reads the privacy clause of the membership Agreement.
  • It is easy to attain and verify references through the Member’s Advocate.
  • Ads posted will NEVER be printed.  The only way for ads to be viewed is by a member signing in using their secure username and encrypted password.
  • A lot of people make the statement  “I do not have anything to advertise.” The following are some examples of closed membership advertisements:

    1. Do you want a holiday: 
    2. Couple available for house sitting in Perth for two weeks in August. Can care for pets. Want to catch up with friends. Suit house owners wanting someone to mind house while they are on holiday or business trip. Phone Jack and Sue on 04xxxxxxxx

      Everyone can place that ad for every town they want to visit!

    3. The reverse also applies:
    4. Member wanted to house sit and look after pets. Going overseas for 4 week holiday. Car available. Email John and Beryl on 04xxxxxxxx

      OR ... If you live outside Australia

      Member living in the Caribbean on St Lucia Island.  If you are looking for a holiday in this beautiful part of the world, contact the Members Advocate for my email and I can give you some local knowledge.

    5. What about a career change:
    6. 20 yr old wanting an apprenticeship, preferably in the Melbourne area. 40 yr old, sick of current job. Wanting an opportunity.  Any member out there who can help.  Preferably in the finance area. Ring mum (Samantha) on 04xxxxxxxx

    7. Make money from hobbies:
    8. Retired gentleman with wood lathe. Can part with beautiful pieces to other members.  Photos supplied. Phone Barry 04xxxxxxxx.


      Gentleman’s partner, lady of the house, has too many flowers in her garden during month of xxxxxx. Members most welcome to come, look, take a bunch home at a small price. Better than buying from the nursery!! Phone Mary 04xxxxxxxx

    9. Sporting:
    10. Wanting a golf partner. None of my friends play. Phone Elizabeth 04xxxxxxxx

    11. Business:
    12. Hardware business . Do not go to that big store! I will look after members for all their needs. Phone Kent 04xxxxxxxx


      Please log onto my webpage.  I will look after members. Harold http//:XXXXX

    13. What about your friends, relatives, local shop owners, sons, daughters:
    14. Hi John, I am a member of this closed membership advertising group. Do you want me to advertise that. It will cost you nothing. OK....

      Friend of member has this great business which specialises in xxxxxxx. Members can contact me, Colin, on 04xxxxxxxx and I will pass on your number or I can give you his contact details.


      Fantastic restaurant. Member has been going to it for years. Great Mediterranean food and service, intimate setting. Owner is John, quiet night is Tuesday. Ring him on xxxxxxx and say Ben advertised it on the AusLottoGroup site and he will look after you. Ring me on 04xxxxxxxx and let me know how you went!!

  • We are sure you will now be able to place some adds.
  • Do you have to place an Advertisement – NO – But we are sure you can see the benefits!


About AusLottoGroup

This AusLottoGroup membership is about giving you the best chance of winning Lotto and minimising your cost while you wait for the big one.

By playing Pick and PowerHit entries through the AusLottoGroup membership we guarantee you win more and more often than buying your own games!

On top of that - we are sure you would like to win Lotto without it costing you anything!!!! Members you refer can be paying for your membership every month!

Refer lotto players to this website and ask them to enter your email address as the referee. We pay you $5 a month for every one of your referred members instead of paying some advertising company. It doesn’t take many referrals to pay for your membership! How easy is that?

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