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Medical Research Statement

Because AusLottoGroup purchases all lotto entries through registered Lotto outlets in Australia, members support very important Australian medical research (as seen on TV) in each of their draws. Doctors, researchers, nurses and patients thank AusLottoGroup members for their contribution. It does make a difference!

The True Odds of Winning Lotto - MUST READ!

The Lotto Odds Calculator on this website explains that it is not what the individual numbers are, but whether a match is made with the draw's random sequence of numbers. The calculator provides the actual true mathematical odds and expected return, given any particular, part or whole sequence match with the draw.

In Australian lotto, every number has an equal chance of being drawn. The science of mathematics states that we cannot predict a sequence of numbers based on past draws.

The calculator admirably shows that paying for more games through Standard, QuickPick or System games only improves the odds by one and the only way of greatly improving the chances of a win is unique to Australian lotto through Pick and Powerhit entries.

When lotto was established in 1900 in Tasmania, George Adams agreed with the then Government, who was lobbied by the Thoroughbred and Dog Racing Industries, to incorporate a 'Play the Field bet (entry)' in all lotto draws. This was a legislated agreement for all future lotto draws. It was an attempt by the powerful lobbyists to keep George out of 'their patch' because they didn't think he could have a Play the Field entry with lotto. Clever George called these a 'Pick' entry. It was called a 'Power Hit' on the Powerball Thursday draw and a 'Pick 6' on the Tuesday Ozlotto, when they were established in the early 1990s - to satisfy the original lotto legislation.

The following information, based on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday draw (6 from 45), provides Lotto players further clarification to better understand how the odds are greatly improved with a 'Pick' entry. Simply click on each heading to reveal the answers.

Lotto Number Combinations

There are 8,145,060 different number combinations along this line for the lotto barrel to choose from. You only choose a few of them!

If you buy 10 games you have a 1 in 8,145,050 chance (only 10 less) of matching the 6 numbers of the draw and you still have only a 1 in 494 chance of winning something. They are the odds you are spending your hard earned cash on! No wonder why most people don't win anything!

System games generate multiple games along this line with a common set of numbers. For example, a System 20 game (where a punter asks The Lott computer to make as many 6 number games from those 20 numbers) costs $27,789.00 by selecting 38,329 of the different 6 number combinations from the 20 numbers along this line – leaving 8,106,731 other combinations for the lotto barrel to choose. There are another 25 numbers that are not represented in any of the 38,329 System 20 games!

After spending $27,789.00, the uneducated punter cannot understand how those 38,329 games only return less than 6% of the cost if they are lucky. That means, without winning first division (a 1:8,106,731 chance) and winning a few of the lesser divisions, the uneducated punter donates $2,696 to the lotto outlet and $23,426 to the State Government and The Lott.

Next time you're passing a lotto outlet, have a look at the range of syndicates they have on offer – they are mainly made up of System games!
Lotto Pick 5 Combinations

With Pick 5 games you only have to choose 5 numbers - not 6. Pick 5 entries generate 181,001 vertical lines each consisting of 40 games from the horizontal line. Each vertical line is identified by the 5 numbers selected – the 40 games on each vertical line are generated by The Lott’s computer by adding a sixth number not represented in the five numbers.

This means that the lotto barrel now only has 181,001 options (instead of 8,145,060) to choose from for 1st division with a 1 in 49 chance (instead of 1 in 494) of winning something. Massive difference!

This means the educated punter who purchases a single Pick 5 entry, costing less than $30.00 with its 40 games, has a 45 times better chance of winning first division than someone who spends $27,789.00 to generate 38,329 games with a systems game.

Pick entries also win more of the lesser divisions because they need one less number and they win multiples of the lesser divisions because of the common numbers in each of the 40 games.

Further, the odds of winning first division, even with a Pick 5 entry, is still ‘way out there’. It is pertinent to realise that spending more than $20.00 every week of your hard earned cash does not really satisfy the pub test. Smart lotto punters, who are now educated with the odds, should realise that to have a chance at really winning (wins less money spent = >1), the weekly cost should be something affordable for them. This is done by sharing the cost with others.

Having an interest in multiple Pick entries does not pass the pub test either since it does not improve the odds (5 pick entries only gives you a 1:180,996 chance (5 less) in the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday draws).

Lotto outlets cannot offer syndicates with single Pick games because they make commission on every game sold. They are not going to tell you that you have a 45 times better chance of winning if you spend less than $5.00!
With the Tuesday (Ozlotto) draw (7 from 47) there are 62,891,499 options along the horizontal line with a 1 in 3,349 chance of winning something – BUT only 1,338,117 vertical line options with a 1 in 311 chance of winning something with a Pick 6 entry.
With the Thursday Powerball draw (7 from 38 PLUS 1 from 20) there are 134,490,400 options along the horizontal line with a 1 in 414 chance of winning something – BUT only 6,724,520 vertical line options with a 1 in 20 chance of winning something with a single Powerhit entry.

To further identify the odds of Powerball, if someone takes out a Pick 5 Powerhit where you only have to match 5 numbers (not 7) in the first barrel to win 1st division - this will cost AU$10,555.70 BUT it only gives 1 in 11,311 chance of winning 1st division. Who has that kind of money for those odds for one draw?
The website is the only legal, accepted (since 2011), affordable, copyrighted, legal and guaranteed method of taking advantage of play-the-field (Pick and Powerhit) entries in Australian Lotto. Australian lotto is the only one in the world that offers these entries.

We purchase multiple Pick and Powerhit entries and allocate them to syndicates with 15 shares; you join the membership and get allocated to a syndicate; your personal login identifies the syndicate and its numbers (maintained for the duration of your membership) and other interactive information; you receive detailed unique reports after every draw which identifies what syndicates have won; AND you have access to a help desk 24/7. AusLottoGroup distributes 100% of all wins to the shareholders of each syndicate.

After the initial AU$5 joining fee, members pay their ‘participation cost' (Membership cost LESS wins LESS referrals (members who join and enter your email as the referrer – you receive AU$5 every month while they remain members)).

There is a small admin fee in the price of your membership to cover costs of providing unique reporting and other services. It still only costs you less than AU$5 per draw to take advantage of the Pick and Powerhit entries.
Now you understand how the science of Lotto odds work, please read on and learn in more detail how you can benefit from becoming a AusLottoGroup member. Clicking on highlighted text and the above menu bar will provide shortcuts to other pages so you are fully informed. We have not held back with any information!

All odds supplied here are the best odds of a particular outcome. When using the Lotto Odds Calculator these odds can be noted by filling the selection on a given draw from the right.

What is the Correct Mathematical Method to Calculate Lotto Odds

It is important to note that the probability that is cited by the Australian lotto authorities is one of 'accumulative probability'. The application of accumulative probability for lotto is ‘misleading’, at best, since the following relevant mathematical law applies - "each event needs to be independent of the others and one cannot have two events that occur at the same time, or have the outcome of a first event influence the probability of the next". Since a single draw of lotto (drawing multiple spheres from a barrel one at a time) requires multiple draw events which reduces the number of possibilities and hence the probability between each event, the above mathematical law must be applied hence precluding the application of accumulative probability.

Accumulative probability must only be used in such cases as dice, roulette or wheel applications where the number of options are not changed between activities.

An example which highlights the need for this law to be applied is the Australian Saturday Lotto Draw where 6 spheres then two supplementary spheres are drawn from a barrel initially containing 45 spheres all with individual numbers. Using accumulative probability the odds of a punter drawing 1 of the initial 6 spheres then both the supplementary spheres would be calculated at 1:85 and drawing 3 of the initial six spheres would be calculated at 1:42.

The sixth draw from the barrel (given the punter matching one of their six numbers with the last of the main numbers) has only 40 numbered spheres in that draw giving a 40/6 probability. Drawing the 2 supplementaries having a 39/5 and 38/4 probability. 40/6 X 39/5 X 38/4 = 1:494 probability of a punter matching 1 + 2 of the numbers drawn – NOT a 1:85 chance. Drawing 3 of the first 6 numbers must be calculated as 42/6 X 41/5 X 40/5 = 1:574 probability of a punter matching the last 3 of the six numbers drawn – certainly NOT a 1:42 probability.

By not applying the laws of mathematics punters could be convinced that they have a better probability of drawing three numbers from a barrel with more options in it than one with less options. This lack of due diligence to mathematical method could be seen as an attempt to get punters to spend more, thinking they have a much better chance of winning, OR, cover up the real effect on probability with any changes to a particular draw. Punter beware!

World Lotto Draws and the Rise and Risks of Messenger Services

Australian Lotto

The public love their governments giving them a chance to win a life changing amount of cash through Lotto. In Australia, Governments use the residual revenue to finance infrastructure and community projects and services. The official lotto outlets provide a service to the public which creates jobs and business certainty for those outlets.

Australian Lotto was started by George Adams in 1900 in Tasmania to assist the Government to develop the hydro power scheme. Because of its great success it soon spread to the other Australian States and Territories, where it went National in 1995. 86 years after the introduction of Lotto in Australia other countries saw its benefit and adopted the principle to provide their community members a life changing chance as well as providing needed government revenue.

Australian Lotto is the oldest Lotto with the best odds – ranging from 1:8 million for Monday, Wednesday & Saturday draws; 1:34 million for Tuesday; and 1:134 million for the Thursday Powerball. It has over 4,000 registered outlets as well as resident syndicator arrangements which purchase games from the official outlets. (See Note 1 in Table 1).

Given these odds, winning something in Lotto means that approximately 60% of winning games win the lowest Division prize which is typically between AU$5 and AU$15. (See Note 2 in Table 1).

The biggest jackpot to date in Australia has been AU$110,000,000, and an average of 50,000,000 games are sold each week creating an average of 10 Division 1 winners every week. The State and Territory Governments and their licenced provider, TheLott, secure around $20,000,000 revenue per week to maintain the draws and to finance infrastructure, community projects and services.

Australian Lotto Syndicates

Syndicator arrangements in Australia include the service offered by AusLottoGroup which is managed as ‘not for profit' and offers its members the very best of odds that are available in the world’s lotto draws. (See and Note 3 in Table 1).

AusLottoGroup members participate in Australian Lotto draws for less than AU$5 per draw and have 40 times better chance of winning because of the Pick and Powerhit entries that the Australian Lotto founder, George Adams, introduced in 1900. All payments are secured monthly in arrears via a bank merchant facility and the website is promoted by the members.

Messenger Services

Messenger Services are attracted to Lotto because of the seemingly ‘attractive lure of net profit’ (instead of government revenue). Messenger Services offer the public the ability to participate in Lotto from around the world – except in Australia because of recent legal rulings. These services usually have someone (the ‘messenger') in the country where the specific lotto is drawn. The messenger is an unknown individual who buys the games, hence the games are owned by that individual. Question: If a game wins $300,000,000 – will the messenger stay put and pay up? The messenger service provides the purchaser a list of the numbers they are playing prior to the draw. (See Note 4 in Table 1).

The messenger is supposed to distribute any available winnings (after taxes and government charges) to the purchaser of the ‘duplicate’ winning ticket that the member purchased in advance out of their pre-paid account balance. Note 1: A duplicate ticket is not recognised by the official lotto provider. Note 2: Nearly all banks and card providers charge a fee on payments to entities that provide unlimited gambling withdrawals - so the Messenger Services usually provide for direct credit into an account, in advance of the draw, where game costs are debited.

In some instances, Messenger Services create an in-house insurance provider to cover first division wins – they do not purchase the actual games but instead directly compete with the official entity running the lotto while using the Governments official draw results.

Messenger Services typically charge between 230% - 300% above the official retail price of the tickets. E.g. A ticket that officially costs AU$3.22 will cost the person, who is buying a ticket through a messenger service, a whopping AU$9.00. That does not pass the pub test since there are no other tangible services that are provided.

The messenger service industry changes its name regularly and promotes and sells software and ‘training' to start-up satellite Messenger Services so it becomes very difficult for Governments and their licensees to close them up because of the volume of start-ups. The majority of start-ups close after a short time because of government ‘push back' and customer awareness.

Some Territories around the world are sucked in by licencing Messenger Services because of licencing revenue. State and national governments and their licenced outlets do not approve of territories giving the Messenger Services a sense of credibility in the eyes of the public.

As you can imagine, using a pre-paid account, no limit on betting and minimal to no government control, Messenger Services can be in direct conflict with country/religious beliefs, become a hotbed for money laundering, and, other undesirable profiteering practices which directly effects the official government draws.

These Messenger Services can deflect up to 10,000,000 games a week from official government draws because of the public not being informed. 10,000,000 X AU$6 = AU$60,000,000 per week profit – to whom?

World Lotto Draws

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"I have been in the lotto group now for a number of years. Although I have not had much luck in winning it is great fun and a cheap way to play Lotto".

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"G'day all, my name is Rodney Santos and I have been a proud Gold member of ALGMO, now AusLottoGroup, since 2011 and am very satisfied for playing the Australian Lotto games smarter and as a syndicate member. Grenville, Bev and Team have always been very understanding and flexible in the managing my fiscal and banking procedures with the group. I highly recommend any level of the AusLottoGroup membership for everyone that would like to play Lotto smarter; with better chances and very informative reports on results and draws".

Rodney Santos

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