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A great majority of individuals partaking and benefiting from a community group are NOT normally able to provide the sustainable financial assistance to that community group.

11% (1.9 million) of the adult Australian population play lotto regularly with 25% (4.2 million) participating when jackpots are in access of $60 million. The average spent per week per person is $22.

An individual, who already participates in Lotto or who would like to have a heightened chance of winning a life changing amount of cash, and, who benefits from being a member of a community group, is now provided with a cost effective way to financially support the group through AusLottoGroup sponsorship.

The individual can join AusLottoGroup knowing that up to 25% of their membership will be used to sponsor their community group.

An individual who already plays lotto and wants to support a group through sponsorship, can become an AusLottoGroup member by opening the{sponsored-organisation} URL, selecting 'Join Now', following the prompts and selecting the Bronze member option after they confirm the security email sent to them by the AusLottoGroup administrative system.

When 1,000 individuals sponsor a group by becoming Bronze members of AusLottoGroup at $5 per week, they contribute $5,000 every month, or $60,000 per year, toward the group's sponsorship.

A member can also select either Silver, Gold or Platinum membership to greatly increase their chance of a win and still provide sponsorship.

Definition of Gambling

'Gambling' relies on someone to lose to benefit another. There are variable odds offered. There are no limits on a specific bet. Examples of this form of gambling in Australia are the horses, dogs, sport, 2up, a lot of casino games including the pokies, poker and other card playing games etc. The three highlighted factors occurring together define what is considered 'bad' traditional gambling.

Separate draws of Australian Lotto is a method for Governments to raise funds through scientifically (mathematical) proven formulae using set odds. Having multiple draws government are guaranteed a revenue stream each week while creating an average of 10 millionaires every week. An individual does not have to lose for another to win since all wins are covered by government funding – however - there are no limits on bets or entries and therefore it is argued that Lotto is still a form of 'gambling'.

According to the definition of gambling, the following are examples of "gambling" in everyday life with at least one of these gambling factors:

Buying a house; Starting a business; Investing in the stock market; Buying collectibles; Betting on the weather; Making a bet on a political outcome; Making a career change; Buying a car; Buying a new technology; Taking out a loan.

Interestingly, none of these forms of gambling are broadly regarded as "bad".

AusLottoGroup is NOT Gambling

Spending just $5 per week to participate in lotto through an AusLottoGroup syndicate membership, and having the chance to win a life changing amount of money, really can't be regarded as "bad".

AusLottoGroup is seen by the authorities to be a membership which allocates lotto winnings to its members. Because of the control of share allocation, which limits entries and therefore cost, AusLottoGroup is NOT recognised as 'gambling'.

Further to this, AusLottoGroup utilises the Australian Lotto using Pick and PowerHit entries which greatly improves the odds for members. AusLottoGroup limits the cost of participation to an affordable level for all members. These unique attributes allows major banks to provide the world wide AusLottoGroup merchant facility that allows access to members accounts. If the banks thought that AusLottoGroup was an online gambling site, they could not provide an international merchant facility as they have done.

AusLottoGroup Administrative System

The AusLottoGroup Admin system is a copyrighted management system which is presented online as an in-house coded, secured and copyrighted website.

AusLottoGroup is managed as a non-profit service to members. All disposable revenue is a result of lotto wins by syndicates and is therefore non-taxable.

Attraction of AusLottoGroup Sponsorship

People who play lotto are naturally drawn to AusLottoGroup because of - the much better odds (using Pick and PowerHit entries); cost effectiveness; featuring the unique payment in arrears; the unique information and real time reporting; free advertising feature within the membership; utilising the referral feature to minimise membership cost; ability to talk to and get support from the owner directly, as well as many other benefits that others cannot deliver.

AusLottoGroup members receive tax free winnings based on their individual share holding of their allocated syndicate without any administrative or other deductions.

Community group leaders are attracted to AusLottoGroup for attaining regular and ongoing tax free funds through sponsorship. They can use these funds to pay legal, administrative and operational costs they incur in the course of assisting their group members. They do not need a specific merchant facility or administrative system to receive funds through membership or donation.

Because AusLottoGroup has a long term banking merchant facility and a unique purpose created administrative system designed and functioning to securely collect high volume account payments, it is recognised to provide a much needed sponsorship stream.

How is Sponsorship Activated

The responsible person of a group seeking sponsorship contacts Grenville Silvester on 0448828254. If approval of sponsorship is granted, ÀLG creates a membership, a purpose designed 'Join Now' page and a secure URL for the sponsored party.

The sponsored party notifies their followers of the ability to assist in the sponsorship through the secure URL and provides help desk contact details.

AusLottoGroup provides a 24/7 help desk to all prospective and current members.

The sponsored party is provided a real time report listing of all members who are assisting with the sponsorship, through their membership page.

Sponsorship payments are made each month by AusLottoGroup.

Sponsorship Advertisement Example

Thank you for your interest and commitment to this group of like-minded fellow members in our community.

We are providing much of our time and personal finances to delivering information, services and legal support to (sponsor) on a daily basis.

We need sponsors to cover some of these costs on a sustainable basis.

To this end, we would like you to consider supporting us through the following URL:{sponsored-organisation}

Please click on the Sponsor button on the top left of the front page.


About AusLottoGroup

This AusLottoGroup membership is about giving you the best chance of winning Lotto and minimising your cost while you wait for the big one.

By playing Pick and PowerHit entries through the AusLottoGroup membership we guarantee you win more and more often than buying your own games!

On top of that - we are sure you would like to win Lotto without it costing you anything!!!! Members you refer can be paying for your membership every month!

Refer lotto players to this website and ask them to enter your email address as the referee. We pay you $5 a month for every one of your referred members instead of paying some advertising company. It doesn’t take many referrals to pay for your membership! How easy is that?

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